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Marist Harewood Junior Club Uniform Requirements


Soft Ball Players (Kiwi grade Year 1 & 2 up to T16 - Year 3 & 4) are required to wear the club polo shirt and white shorts. Cap and hoodie are optional.

Hard Ball Players (Year 5 - Year 8) are required to wear the club polo shirt and white long pants. Cap and hoodie are optional.

Each team has a club gear bag, with a full set of gear supplied, however each player (even at Kiwi grade is welcome to have their own bat to play with (and usually by Year 5 when they play hard ball, they have their own gear including, pads, helmet, box, bat, gloves etc but this is not essential).

The Club polo Shirts, caps and hoodies, pants and shorts are available through Cricket Express (link below) or white shorts/pants can be purchased from Cricket Express, any online sports stores, or K-mart.

Order Marist Harewood uniforms online or instore at Cricket Express 

*please note pricing may vary from size to size or season to season at the discretion of Cricket Express

Year 1 - 4 teams we recommend wearing white shorts
 Year 5 - 8 white trousers as it's more comfortable for the children when wearing pads with straps on them.

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