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Harewood Cricket Club was formed in 1905 and Marist Cricket Club was formed in 1948 and in 2008 the two clubs merged to form Marist-Harewood Cricket Club (MHCC).  Harewood Cricket Club was one of the first suburban Cricket clubs in Christchurch. MHCC has club rooms based at Redwood Park on Sturrocks Road, Redwood, Christchurch, New Zealand.


MHCC has one of the largest Senior sections in Christchurch and are an affiliated member of the Christchurch Metro Cricket Association. 


Our Junior Section is also well supported with over 160 players in 17 teams competing last season.  From Year 1 – Year 8 we have a great range of skills on show every Saturday from our stars of the future and we are affiliated members of the Canterbury Junior Cricket Association (CJCA).


If you or your child(ren) would like to enjoy a fun, positive cricketing environment then join us at Marist Harewood Cricket Club.


As mentioned we are based at Redwood Park on Sturrocks Road, but also have ‘home’ grounds at Tullett Park, St James Park and Sheldon Park.


See Below for maps of the clubs grounds in North-West Christchurch.



Home Ground + Clubrooms

Marist Harewood Cricket Grounds

Sturrocks Road 


St James Park 
Tulett Park 
Sheldon Park
Warren Park 
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